2019 Water Sprite Dining Guide


Why the guide?...

As owners of the Water Sprite Bed & Breakfast we are asked everyday where can guests go to have a great dinner. We all have our favourite places and we do our best to connect the proper restaurant to what are guests are looking for. Having restaurant menus has been very helpful to provide the best recommendation and the result is the Water Sprite Bed & Breakfast 2019 Lunenburg Dining Guide.

As we in the local tourism industry work together to promote our town and each other, the stronger and more successful we will all become. 

Full Menus

Full 2-3 page spreads featuring the full menus and photos creating anticipation of their Lunenburg dining experience.

Top Lunenburg Restaurants

The guide features a selection of Lunenburg's top restaurants and the guide to includes our guests' favourites.

Not Everything is as Simple as A,B,C...

Does everything always have to be in alphabetical order? The restaurants are listed in order of their TripAdvisor Ranking. 

Download a Sample of the Guide

2019 Water Sprite Dining Guide page view (pdf)


2019 Water Sprite Dining Guide spread view (pdf)